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Lustre-Cal is a leader in creating designs that maximize electromagnetic compatibilities (EMC) to ensure minimal electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) in circuited equipment. Our engineering team understands the demands of timing delays, waveform distortion and crosstalk and their impact on the operating speeds of electronic devices. We are experts at integrating shielding into other components, such as panel overlays and membrane switches to help simplify assembly and ultimately save you money.

Shielding Solutions to meet your requirements

RFI shielding - from 10 Khz to 1000 Mhz radiated electronic broadcast noise

EMI shielding- from DC electricity to 300ghz

ESD - options for protection from electrostatic discharge damage

Materials available- aluminum, copper, Valox, Ultem and others

Wide array of manufacturing options including die-cutting, thermoforming, hydroforming, conductive inks, selective and conductive adhesive


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