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Property ID labels help enable asset management, protect against loss and theft, provide for maintenance tracking and facilitate insurance claims. The keys are quality and the right materials. Lustre-Cal manufactures a full range of serialized and bar-coded Property ID labels. Anodized aluminum, our most popular material, offers long-term durability at a reasonable cost. Polyester and paper labels are options when flexibility and conductivity are a consideration. For added security, destructible vinyl labels are virtually impossible to remove in one piece and void tamper-evident labels cannot be removed without leaving a traceable mark. 
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Order from our stock property ID labels. They’re pre-serialized in sets of 100 and available in a variety of materials. Available for immediate shipment.

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Anodized Aluminium

Anodized aluminum is our most popular material, especially when durability is critical. These property ID labels are made from high quality .003" and .005" Lustre-Cal anodized aluminum with the colors and graphics permanently etched into the surface. This material is recommended for labels requiring extreme environmental durability (exposure to direct sunlight, salt spray, high temperatures, cleaning solvents, or continuous abrasion), and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. It will not crack, chip, or peel over its useful life. Please request samples to test on your application.

Numbering Options

Anodized aluminum property ID labels are available with traditional or anodized serial numbers, bar codes, a blank serial pad, or no pad. The bar code information can be created using Code 39 or 128 symbologies. If another symbology is required, please contact us for a custom quote.

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